Tips for Traveling with Young Children to Europe

Traveling with young children can be an exhilarating experience, but it also presents some challenges – particularly when visiting Europe. But with careful planning and preparation, you can make the trip successful and create lasting memories for everyone in the family. Here are some tips for successful traveling with young children to Europe.

Plan Ahead

One of the most essential steps you can take when traveling with young children to Europe is planning ahead. Research your destination and create an itinerary that includes family-friendly activities and attractions. Make sure to book flights, accommodation, and transportation well in advance to guarantee availability and save money.

Pack Wisely

Packing for a family with young children can be daunting, so it’s essential to pack smart. Bring plenty of snacks, toys and activities to keep the kids occupied on long flights or train rides. Make sure you include comfortable clothes and shoes along with any necessary medications or toiletries in your bag.

Consider renting equipment

Traveling with young children often necessitates a lot of equipment, like strollers, car seats and cribs. Why not let Europe provide these items instead of taking them along? Many companies provide rental services for baby gear at cost-effective prices which can be an attractive and convenient alternative.

Plan for Jet Lag

Jet lag can be especially challenging for young children, so it’s essential to plan ahead. Try to adjust your child’s sleep schedule a few days prior to leaving so they have an easier transition. Once you arrive, take time out of the trip to get plenty of sunlight and fresh air so your body adjusts to the new time zone.

Take Advantage of Family-Friendly Accommodations

Many hotels in Europe provide family-friendly options, such as rooms with multiple beds or suites with separate living areas. Consider staying at a hotel that has either an outdoor pool or playground to keep the kids occupied. Alternatively, you could consider renting an apartment or house for more space and privacy.

Public Transportation

European public transportation is usually affordable and efficient, making it a great option for families with young children. Many cities provide family-friendly options like trams or buses with stroller access. You may also consider renting bikes or using a bike-sharing program to explore the city.

Maintain a Flexible Schedule

Traveling with young children can be unpredictable, so it’s essential to create an accommodating schedule. Allow plenty of time for breaks and naps, and be flexible if changes need to be made. Don’t try to cram too many activities into one day; take it slow and enjoy the journey!

Plan for Safety

Safety should always come first when traveling with young children, particularly in unfamiliar settings. Be sure to bring a first-aid kit and any necessary medications. Consider using GPS trackers or safety harnesses for young children when in crowded places. Having an emergency plan in place is key.

Take Advantage of Family-Friendly Activities

Europe provides a range of family-friendly attractions and activities, such as museums, parks, and zoos. Many cities provide free or discounted admission for children and often feature special programs or exhibits tailored towards young visitors. Why not explore your local market or take a cooking class to experience the culture?

Traveling with young children can be both exciting and exhausting. Take the opportunity to create lasting memories with your family, and don’t be afraid to step outside your comfort zone. Most importantly, remember to have fun and savor every moment along the way!


Traveling with young children to Europe requires careful planning and preparation, but it can also be an enriching experience. By following these tips, you can ensure the trip is successful and create lasting memories for the whole family. Don’t forget to pack light, plan ahead, and keep a flexible schedule; take advantage of family-friendly accommodations, transportation options, activities – but most of all – embrace the journey and savor every moment! With some effort combined with a positive outlook, traveling with young children to Europe can become a fun enriching adventure for everyone involved! With careful planning combined with positive attitude, traveling with young children to Europe can become an exciting enriching adventure that everyone enjoys!

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